Best VPN for online streaming websites 2017

Best VPN for online streaming websitesIn this article you will learn what you need, in order to watch your favorite streaming websites, such as Sky, Hulu, Netflix, BBC, if you are outside of US. In same time I will recommend you best VPN for online streaming websites for 2017.

If you try to watch a video on some very popular streaming websites from outside the United States you will see message that content is not available in your location. This happens due to the fact that streaming websites use location detection method to prevent users outside of US to stream their content.

So, how they know this info? How they know that you are outside of USA? They do this simply by checking your location via your IP address.

An IP address is a row of numbers that you get automatically form your Internet provider. Your IP address reveals your current location when you visit websites. So all you have to do is to change your IP address and choose US based IP address.

How to do that? Is it complicated task? In order to make these streaming websites think that you are in the US, you need to use virtual private network. Probably you might have heard of this as a VPN.

When your computer is connected to a server on a network you will get an IP address from DHCP server. So, if the VPN server you are connecting to is in the United States, then they will detect that you are not outside of US.

VPN service is all you need to trick the streaming websites and this way you will be allowed to stream video from these websites. This is a great option if you are traveling outside of the United States or simply live somewhere else in the world.

Configuring a VPN connection isn’t that hard and complicated and even if you are non-techie persons, you can do this easily. I prefer and like to use Nord VPN. When you purchase this kind of service from this VPN provider, you can simply select country based IP and press connect and you will be able to use streaming services outside US.

So simple. As long application is running and you are connected to the US server you will appear to be located in the United States. Just click Sign out or Disconnect when you want to go home and no longer need to pretend to be in the United States.

When you sign up for an account with Nord VPN you can access many VPN servers in US from your account. This VPN service can be used for your iPad , iPhone, Android, PC, and connecting these devices to one of these US servers, you will change your location. Just follow the guide provided in the Nord VPN of your account control panel.

As you can see this is quite simple to set up and you do not have to be a computer geek to do this task, it's actually pretty simple. I would recommend you to use Nord VPN. You can read my review on this website. Just go to home page of website.